Tractor ЛТЗ 55

Tractors LTZ
ЛТЗ 55


Chassis Wheeled
Max. power Specify
Overall width 2.17 m
Working pressure Specify
Max. speed forward Specify
Power type Specify
Tank size Specify
Hydraulic tank Specify
Rated power Specify
Height over cab 2.56 m
Overall length 3.75 m
Carrying Capacity 0.85 t
Rated torque Specify
Turning radius 3400 mm
Max. speed backward Specify
Max. torque 1400rpm Specify
Wheelbase Specify
Max. torque 1500rpm Specify
Rated speed Specify
Weight 2900 kg
Maximum pressure Specify
Max. torque Specify
Pump capacity Specify
Ground Clearance 500 mm
Number of forward gears 13
Number of rear gears 9
No. of cylinders Specify
Engine volume Specify