Bulldozer Дормаш ДЗ-42

Bulldozers Dormash
Дормаш ДЗ-42


Chassis Crawler
Height over cab 2650 m
Length of track on ground Specify
Overall Length Basic Dozer with Ripper (with tip at ground line) Specify
Overall Length Basic Dozer Specify
Tank size 245 l
Hydraulic tank 25 l
Ground Clearance 380 mm
Blade height 800 mm
Engine volume 7.43 l
Wheelbase Specify
Blade width 2800 mm
Overall Length with Winch 5200 mm
No. of cylinders 4
Blade Digging Depth 300 mm
Blade Tilt Specify
Overall length 5.2 m
Blade Lift Height 635 mm