Comparison of JCB 5CX and Case 695 excavators

JCB 5CX and Case 695 are wheeled backhoe loaders that have gained high popularity in the Russian and world markets for specialized equipment. JCB 5CX is produced by the largest UK holding, Case 695 is a classic French. Despite the different manufacturers, the machines have similar functionality and are direct competitors in the market.

Comparable technical characteristics and functionality of the models, forcing buyers to make a choice in the direction of a particular machine, taking into account even the minimal advantages and disadvantages.

Features and differences between JCB 5CX and Case 695 backhoe loaders

JCB 5CX is a specially modernized model designed for operation in difficult climate conditions, including ultra-low temperatures: on construction sites, in the field of utilities and agriculture. The machine is the most powerful in the manufacturer's model line, and some of them assembled at a Russian plant.

Case 695 is a standard model in the line of the French manufacturer, designed for use in construction and , agriculture. It has good performance and the ability to install various attachments.

Comparison of engines and gearboxes

The JCB 5CX backhoe loader is powered by a four-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine “J. C. Bamford Excavators ". It has a power of 188 h.p. with a volume of 4.4 liters and a rated speed of 2200 rpm. Works in conjunction with a mechanical 6-speed gearbox (+4 reverse speeds).

The French Case 695 is equipped with a powerful CNH 445TA / EGH diesel engine with a mechanical fuel injection system. It has a capacity of 110 h.p., with a rated torque of 2200 rpm. It works with an automatic or semi-automatic gearbox, which greatly simplifies the operator's work.

  JCB 5CX Case 695
  Power type - -
  Engine volume 4.4 l 4.485 l
  No. of cylinders 4 4

Comparison of dimensions and weight

The models are direct competitors, therefore, they have an insignificant difference in weight and dimensions. The JCB 5CX Backhoe Loader weighs 9.81 tons as standard, while the Case 695 weighs 8.74 tons.

A slight difference is observed in the dimensions of the machines. JCB 5CX has a length of 5.91 m, a width of 2.33 m, an overall height of 3.93 m (3.03 m on the roof of the cab). Backhoe loader Case 695 has a body length with a basic bucket - 5.56 m, width - 2.43 m, height (in the cabin) - 2.95 m.

Both backhoe loaders do not excel in tight city streets, but perform well on medium to large construction sites as well as open areas.

Comparison of tank volume and fuel consumption

The Case 695 backhoe loader has an average fuel consumption of 10-11 liters / hour. JCB 5CX slightly surpasses the competitor in this indicator - 9 l / h.

The volume of the Case 695 fuel tank is 145 liters, the JCB 5CX is 160 liters. The British have several hours more autonomy than the French - this can be important when operating the machine in the field.

Service complexity

Case 695 and JCB 5CX are the successors of the manufacturers' model lines, so most of the components are universal and available on the mass market for spare parts for special equipment.