Review of the popular Shantui SD16 bulldozer

The Shantui SD16 crawler bulldozer is the most popular model in the manufacturer's lineup. It stands out for its high performance, excellent reliability and the ability to install a variety of attachments for specialized tasks.

We will provide a comprehensive review of the Shantui SD16 Bulldozer, discussing its technical characteristics, functionality, and advantages and disadvantages that can play a key role for the buyer.

Shantui SD16 Key Parameters

The Shantui SD16 bulldozer has a crawler chassis and is equipped with a manual hydromechanical drive - this provides good controllability and sufficient maneuverability of the machine on off-road terrain, including open construction sites. One of three models of dumps can be installed on the machine: spherical, straight or with non-rotating hydro-skew. The dump deepens into the ground by 0.45 m, and the maximum lifting height of the load is 1.095 meters.

A three-shank ripper can be mounted on the body, at the rear of the cab. The latter has a parallelogram shape, and there is also a setting (adjustment) function for dripping depth (up to 572mm). The speed of the bulldozer forward - 9.6 km / h, back - 12.5 km / h.

Another important element of the Shantui SD16 is the planetary gearbox, which has six gear modes (three forward / reverse gears) and an automatic component lubrication function. The first gear is conical with a spiral type tooth and one step. As clutch elements, spring-loaded multi-disc wet clutches are used.

Cab comfort and functionality

The bulldozer received a classic cab with a panoramic view. On both sides of the operator, the machine control levers are symmetrically located. The operator can also operate the ripper and blade from the cab. It is possible to adjust the chair for tilt and height. The spring stiffness of the chair directly depends on the operator's weight - the stiffness is adjusted automatically.

The cockpit electronics will not be surprising, they are standard for bulldozers of this class - limited to engine start and lighting of the interior of the cabin. Power is provided by two 12V batteries. The basic configuration includes seat heating and air conditioning. The microclimate is maintained in two modes - heating and cooling.

Shantui SD16 engine

The bulldozer is equipped with a high-performance 6-cylinder 4-stroke diesel engine of EURO-2 class Shangchai SC11CB184G2B1. Basic fuel consumption in normal operation is 214 g./kWh. The engine is turbocharged and has direct injection. Alternative Weichai WD10G178E25 engine can also be installed.

Engine cooling - 9 liters antifreeze.

Shantui SD16 Crawler Bulldozer Dimensions

The machine belongs to the medium-sized special equipment - it is well suited for work in open areas in urban conditions, as well as outside the city. The length of the bulldozer (without ripper and blade) is 5 meters 14 centimeters, width - 3 meters, 33.8 cm, height - 3 meters 0.3 cm.

Modifications and service

Today, you can buy the Shantui SD16 crawler bulldozer in three modifications: SD16S, SD16E and SD16L - each modification is "sharpened" for specific work and may differ from the basic version in the presence of: track shoes or rollers, attachments and some other parameters.

According to the manufacturer, the frequency of maintenance of the fuel tank must be performed once every 50 operating hours, and the fuel filter and hydraulic filter must be replaced once every 250 operating hours. Also, at a frequency of 250 m / hour, it is necessary to revise the lubrication level of all machine components.