Peterburgsky Tractorny Zavod introduced a new model of the «Kirovets K-5» tractor Premium

Namely the Kirovets K-5 Premium universal tractor, with a 6.65-liter YaMZ 53645 four-stroke diesel engine. and with a power of 250 hp and a T5 gearbox(maximum speed 33 km/h) produced by PTZ, previously installed on the KIROVETS tractor of the K-7M series, which is equipped with the CommandPost-2 transmission control system.

The tractor control system «KOMANDPOST 2» consists of an automatic gearbox control joystick, 4 hydraulic line joysticks, an electronic control panel of the EHR system (attachment positional adjustment system) located on the armrest of the sprung seat. Adjustable steering column, dashboard with on-board computer function.The rear attachment of «Kirovets» K-5 tractors with a lifting capacity of 8.1 tons is unified with KIROVETS tractors of the K-7M series.Currently, the Peterbursky Tractorny Zavod produces 12 models of agricultural tractors.