Presses SUMAB
1 000,00 $

High quality equipment from one of the best European manufacturers. Reliable, technologically advanced, at a reasonable price, significantly lower than that of competitors.

Used vibropress automatic line Universal 1000 (1300-1500 m2), 2013

Stationary block machine SUMAB U-1000 with automatic control (equipment for automatic operation is included in the package).

Additional material hopper for color and hard surface concrete products.

Pallet dimensions: 1400x950 mm.

Usable area max .: 1350x900 mm.

Performance per shift (8 h):

17280 pcs. hollow blocks (20x20x40 cm)

1360-1680 m2 paving stones (10x20x6 cm) color / colorless

2400-2800 pcs. borders, depending on the size of the borders, the presence of an additional front layer.

Vibration system Knauer, Germany. Vibration system Synchrotronic, with externally synchronized vibrators, maximum vibration force 120 kN (150 kN with ramming head vibrators).

- Pallet inserter with pallet accumulator for Sumab U-1000 with soft start / stop and speed control.

- A device for moving fresh ready-made concrete products from a block machine with adjustable speed, start / stop, consists of two chain transport systems, 7-9 m in length.

- ELEVATOR - Automatic device for lifting and accumulating pallets with finished products (with 12 levels for blocks or 2x 12 levels for paving stones) - (standard elevator chain system, distance between levels 300 mm).

- LOVERATOR - Automatic device for lowering pallets with dry finished products from racks onto a transport conveyor (with 12 levels for blocks or 2x 12 levels for paving stones) - (standard chain system of a lover, distance between levels 300 mm).

- Automatic hydraulic crane with swing and grip for transferring ready-made concrete products from production pallets to transport Euro pallets, with hydraulic clamping and electric lifting-movement of the clamping mechanism.

Press forms:

grab for paving stones,

grab for curbs,

forms for the production of paving stones 100 200 60, 100 200 80,

shape garden border size 1000 200 by 80

road curb 1000 300 150

highway curb 1000 300 180

lawn grill

paving stones Mostovaya (Old Town)

- technological pallets in the amount of 250 pieces

- Concrete knot for block line

Where item located Москва
Production year 2013
Condition used