Press Poyatos NOVABLOC

Presses Poyatos
1 000,00 $

Commercial offer for a used Automatic block - line (Vibropress) C BSU, Poyatos Novabloc (1000-1200 m2 / shift), year 2000, overhaul - July 2021, one owner.

Average productivity of paving slabs per hour: 135 - 215 m². (1000-1500 m2 / shift, 8 hours)

The Novabloc vibrocompression line is equipped with a modular vibration system. The modular vibration is carried out by two synchronized eccentrics. Each of them, in turn, carries two eccentric masses, which at full load and speed, without stopping, are summed up or compensated, thereby reaching vibration or stopping it, with the motor always running.

Due to this, it is achieved:

Energy saving by preventing the engine from starting and stopping.
Saving time (about 2 seconds per cycle), for the same reason.
Prevents wear and tear of materials by instantly stopping vibration.
Savings on those. maintenance of all vibration mechanisms.
Driven by one motor (standard serial motor), power
22 kW at 1500 rpm, does not need tech. service.

Automatic adjustment of vibration parameters, both amplitude and frequency.
Modular vibration is an extremely reliable and time-tested system that is fast and

efficient, and with minimal requirements for operation and maintenance.

Vibropress Novabloc performs molding on technological pallets made of wood,

plastic or metal with dimensions between 1200 - 1400 mm in length and 550 - 900 mm in width. Line

can be completed with equipment for facing concrete.

Finished products are delivered to the drying tunnels automatically using a stacker,

adapted to the characteristics of each specific project in terms of quantity

levels, maximum lifting capacity, 180º rotation, etc.

The Novabloc line includes an automatic electronic double center baler with

column and the following characteristics:

High speed horizontal and vertical movement.
Gripping from four sides, independent adjustment of the gripping force for each side
depending on the products to be packaged (saving parameters in the program for each product).

Various options for delivering packaged products to the unloading point in accordance with

tasks of each project:

Roller conveyor.
Plate conveyor
Automatic conveyor of a package on rails.

Pallet size: (1200 - 1400) x (550 - 900) mm.

Forming zone size: (1120 - 1300) x (510 - 850) mm.

Height of manufactured products: 30 - 300 mm

Cycle duration: 10 -14 s.

Average block productivity

20 x 20 x 40 cm per hour: 1700 - 2800 pcs.

Average block productivity

20 x 15 x 40 cm per hour: 1800 - 3900 pcs.

Average productivity of paving slabs per hour: 135 - 215 m². (1000-1500 m2 / shift, 8 hours)

Minimum workshop area: 1.500 m².


One vibrating table.

Continuous oil bath lubrication of the vibration tables ensures minimum maintenance.

Maximum vibration force: 98 kN.

Power: 30 kW.


Air cooling.

Power: 22 kW.

The peculiarity of the offer is that in July 2021 general service was carried out
- oil change
- filters
- belts
- guides for lifting structures
- new anti-wear tables
- new piston seals
- all new mufflers
- Revised loading bins and hydraulic equipment for mold changing.

The sale of a fixed press + double-layer equipment also includes:
- 1000 trays-pallets
- Press forms
- spare parts
- mixer and concrete center for double layer.

Forms: Production of paving stones + curbs + blocks + wall blocks + paving slabs + vaults + caissons and concrete towers.

Where item located Москва
Production year 2000
Condition used