Mobile concrete batching plant,Mixing Plants Benninghoven ECO 4000

Concrete batching plants Benninghoven
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Used Fast-erected (container) ABZ Benninghoven ECO 4000 - 320 t / h, 2013
ECO transportable asphalt batching plants
With the example of ECO plants, BENNINGHOVEN clearly demonstrates the high level of its technology and production standards.

The highest mobility, together with optimum flexibility in operation, distinguish this type of plant, which can be operated permanently, but can also be easily transported to other construction sites. The main difference between ECO asphalt batching plants is the design of their main components, which corresponds to the dimensions of a standard (20- or 40-foot) shipping container, which makes them easy to transport by truck, sea or rail.

In addition, the modular system with permanent options stands out due to its compact dimensions.

Technical details:
5-section pre-dosage module
5-deck screen
Hot material hopper 17/55 t with 5 chambers
Precise electronic weighing of mineral rocks, bitumen and aggregates
4t Insulated Twin Compulsory Mixer
Dust extraction system of various capacities: 78,000 Nm³ / h
Ready-mix storage hopper in bottom-mounted or side-by-side design
The ECO asphalt batching plant, thanks to its clever modular design, stands out for its fast assembly and installation, either on fixed concrete foundations or on movable steel foundations. All sections of this plant when shipped from the factory
the manufacturer is already equipped with the necessary cable and pipe connections, which greatly facilitates the installation work
in places. The version with a capacity ranging from 160 to 320 t / h allows the customer to easily relocate the plant, without much difficulty separating and connecting its components.
The plant components are designed to be transported in 20- or 40-foot ISO containers. This enables easy, fast and economical delivery and relocation. In addition, the modular system with permanent options stands out due to its compact dimensions.

High-performance plants like ECO guarantee optimum mixing quality in full accordance with the motto:

high performance - low price! At the same time, the plants of the ECO series, like all other BENNINGHOVEN plants, are distinguished by the presence of high-quality and durable components that do not require special maintenance.


BENNINGHOVEN is the world leader in burner production and the only manufacturer of four-fuel burners. Thanks to its proprietary know-how, the company offers unique burners with excellent performance:

> Simple, modular design

> Compact design

> Movable torch for optimum

availability (for example, for service


> Ease of maintenance

> Inspection covers on both sides

> Optimum retrofitting options

> Internal fan


> Long service life

> Low wear

> High efficiency (low consumption)

> Minimal emission of harmful substances thanks to modern control technologies.


According to the concept of the technological process, the drying drum is an indispensable component for the production of asphalt concrete mixture, which must ensure the removal of moisture from the raw material and thereby ensure its effective binding with bitumen. Each drum undergoes 100% final inspection by BENNINGHOVEN. For optimum results, burners are available in different lengths, different diameters or with different mounted elements, adapted to local operating conditions (work site, rock and material moisture). The tumble dryer is compact, reliable and easy to maintain.


The mixer is the main component of the asphalt concrete batching plant. It is in it that intensive mixing of minerals with a binder and fillers takes place to obtain a homogeneous ready-made mixture. The mixing cycle - including loading and unloading - lasts 45 seconds. Due to the high stress in terms of wear, weight and power transmission, only high-quality materials are used in the construction of the mixer. All of this is offered along with optimum wear protection. In this way, a long plant life and a trouble-free production process are guaranteed.


All mobile asphalt mixing plants are equipped with a five-layer screen as standard. This makes it easy to meet the requirements of standards and recipes in various countries around the world.

BENNINGHOVEN dust collection systems / filters stand out for their very compact and modular design. Few simple connections ensure fast installation already systems. In addition, the dust collection system is optimally accessible for inspection and technical
maintenance - for example, replacing filter pockets does not require the use of special tools and does not represent
special difficulties. The vertical arrangement of the filter pockets ensures efficient use of the entire working surface of the filters. Thanks to their high-quality processing and thermal stability, the filter bags are designed for a long service life. An innovative silencer system is provided for effective noise reduction.
Manufacturing parameters:

Model ABZ ECO 4000

Mixing capacity (t / h) 320

Drying capacity (t / h) 290

General All data refer to material with a moisture content of 4%

Wind load: 25 m / s; horizontal earth acceleration: 0.4 m / s2; snow load: 0.85 kN / m2.

Installation methods Stationary = solid concrete foundation; movable - movable steel bases

Pre-dosing system

Number of dispensers 5-tier pre-dispensing module

Capacity (m3) 12

Loading ramp Provided by the operator

Loading width (mm) 3500

Dryer drum Type TT 11.26

Drum drive power (kW) 4 x 22

Burner Type EVO JET 4 FU liquid fuel

Burner power (MW) 24

Dust extraction system

Productivity (Nm3 / h) 78,000

Hot mineral screen / hopper

Screening capacity (0-2 mm, t / h) 270

5-deck screening

Hot mineral bunker 17 t / 5 chambers (including sand + bypass)

Mixing and weighing section

Mixer (kg) 4000

Scales for mineral rocks (capacity, kg) 4000

Scales for aggregates (capacity, kg) 400

Scales for bitumen (capacity, kg) 350

Mixture storage hopper / aggregate silos

The total capacity of the storage hopper for ready-mix MGVS 60 t

(2 cameras + direct download sector)

Aggregate silos 60 m³ silo for own aggregate, 60 m³ silo for imported aggregate.

Bituminous system Execution vertical, electrically heated and insulated 200 mm

Capacity (m3) 3 x 60

BENNINGHOVEN BLS 4000 computer control system:

switching and power parts, air conditioner and main low-voltage switchboard

Asphalt Granulate Supply Systems

Through the middle ring of the tumble dryer - Loading 25% RAP

The seller company assists in organizing the installation supervision

Scandinavian & UK Machines
Where item located Москва
Production year 2013
Condition new