Mobile concrete batching plant,Mixing Plants Benninghoven TBA-200

Concrete batching plants Benninghoven
1 000,00 $

Used stationary (fast-erected) asphalt concrete plant
Benninghoven TBA-200-K / U 160 t / h (1993 onwards) Germany
In 2002, a cap was carried out. repair

Output: 1,000,000 t

At the moment, the plant is fully operational.

Standard working conditions:

The plant is designed to produce 160 t / h of road mix with a finished product at an initial moisture content of 4% and 160 ° C under the following standard conditions:

The temperature of the units at the inlet to the dryer is more than 10ºC
• Height above sea level
• Average density of feed aggregates 1,650 kg / m3
• Fuel oil no: 6 calorific value ≥ 9.200 kCal / kg
• Fuel oil no: 4 calorific value ≥ 9.700 kCal / kg
• Calorific value of diesel fuel ≥ 10.200 kcal / kg
• Calorific value of natural gas ≥ 7,600 kcal / kg
• Temperature increase of hot aggregates 160 K
• The content of residual moisture in the mixture is 0.3%
• Maximum. unit size 40 mm
• Passage screen of material 3 mm 35%
• Passage screen of material 80 m 8%
• Total specific heat% 0.21 kcal / kg º C

The main difference between the asphalt concrete plants of the TVA type is the design of their main components, which corresponds to the dimensions of a standard (20- or 40-foot) shipping container, which ensures their easy transportation by truck, sea or rail.

Where item located Москва
Production year 1993
Condition used