Mobile concrete batching plant,Mixing Plants Benninghoven TBA-200

Concrete batching plants Benninghoven
1 000,00 $

Used stationary asphalt concrete plant Benninghoven TBA-200 t / h (2009 onwards)


Year of production: 2009

Output: 1000.000 T

Oil burner

At the moment, the plant is fully operational.

Standard conditions:

The plant is designed to produce 200 t / h of road mix with a finished product at an initial moisture content of 4% and 160 ° C under the following standard conditions:

The temperature of the units at the inlet to the dryer is more than 10ºC

Height above sea level
Average density of feed aggregates 1,650 kg / m3
Fuel oil No: 6 calorific value ≥ 9.200 kCal / kg
Fuel oil No: 4 calorific value ≥ 9.700 kCal / kg
Calorific value of diesel fuel ≥ 10.200 kcal / kg
Calorific value of natural gas ≥ 7,600 kcal / kg
Hot aggregate temperature rise 160 K
Residual moisture content in the mixture 0.3%
Maximum. unit size 40 mm
Passage screen of material 3 mm 35%
Passage screen of material 80 m 8%
Total specific heat% 0.21 kcal / kg º C
Production rate includes all recovered filler and an average of 5% in weight added bitumen
The material is non-porous and hygroscopic with a normal shape
Manufacturing tolerance according to environmental conditions and parameters ± 10%
Aggregate material feeding system

5 pieces. Material hopper
Volume: 15 m3 each

Loading height: 3.500 mm

Mesh 5pcs.
These grids of 100 x 100 mm are placed on the aggregate bins to prevent non-standard aggregates and foreign materials from entering the belt.

5 Belt feeders
The belt feeders are driven by an inverter controlled gear motor. Narrow knots and idler rollers ensure a smooth belt run. The material flow sensor signals the absence of the unit.

Belt width: 650 mm

Engine power: 2,2 kW

Performance: 100 t / h each

5 Aggregate flow control unit
This equipment contains sensors to monitor the flow and / or stop the unit flow for any reason in the aggregate bins. The presence of material is monitored with the help of these detectors. Also, the bins are equipped with beacon sensors located on the bins, with which the operator controls the level of aggregate material in the bins. This avoids a shortage of the unit and loads it continuously and correctly.

5 Control elements of the “2.2 kW” infeed conveyor

All power elements, frequency control units and control units are installed in a group control cabinet installed on the cold power supply system.

2 Vibrators for sand bunker, power: 0.26 kW / pc.

1 Collecting conveyor
Length: 18.500 mm

Width: 650 mm

Power dv. : 5.5 Kw

1 Inclined conveyor
Length: 12,000 mm

Width: 650 mm

Power dv. : 7.5 Kw

Dryer Drum Type: TT 24 ”
Time proportional heating is designed for uniform and high quality drying, and the highest level heating is for low exhaust gas temperatures.

Dryer drum (TT. 24)
Length: 9.000 mm

Diameter: 2.400 mm

Drive motors: 4x18,5 Kw

2.2 Air insulation

To minimize heat loss.

2.2 Aluminum cladding

Aluminum sheathing prevents heat loss.

RAX-JET TURBO 3 Fuel oil

3.1 Basic explanations

The burner is a compact monoblock design. The burner is mounted on steel rails, which allows the entire unit to slide back to check the burner and tumble dryer.

In accordance with the optimal performance of the dryer, the air flow is generated by an internal radial-axial fan to ensure the best combustion.

Main technical parameters
The exact proportions of fuel and combustion air are achieved by means of a servo motor. The servo motor activates the oil metering valve and the multi-link air intake via the control levers. Oil is injected by pump pressure into the finest particles to ensure efficient and complete combustion.

The burner is made of heat-resistant steel. The control panel includes all monitoring and control equipment along with indicators for monitoring the burner power. The temperature is measured in the drying chute of the dryer with an FE-Constantan fast-acting temperature sensor.

Optimum noise reduction is achieved by installing a muffler at the rear of the burner.

Burner Type: RAX JET Turbo 3

Fuel oil consumption: 350-1.400 kg / h Heavy-Oil

Adjustment range 1: 4 Heavy-Oil

Nominal heat output - 16.600 kW (= 14.310.000 kCal / h)

Fan capacity: 21.000 m3 / h

Air blower pressure

Where item located Москва
Production year 2009
Condition used