Mobile concrete batching plant,Mixing Plants Benninghoven MBA

Autocranes Ivanovets
1 000,00 $

Used Mobile Asphalt Plant W-Benninghoven - MBA 2000 (160 t / h, Germany) 2008 c.

Operating time 750,000 tons.

Technical details:

Mobile ABZ Benninghoven MBA 2000
Mixing capacity (t / h) 160

Drying capacity (t / h) 145
General - All data refer to material with a moisture content of 4%.
Wind load: 25 m / s;
horizontal earth acceleration: 0.4 m / s2;
snow load: 0.85 kN / m2.
Installation methods Movable steel bases (the installation site must be suitable for a ground pressure of 350 kN / m²)
Pre-dosing system
Number of dispensers Wheeled 5-section pre-dispensing system
Capacity (m3) 8
Loading ramp Yes (included in the scope of delivery, required embankment (provided by the operator) with a height of at least 650 mm)
Loading width (mm) 3400 3400

Dryer drum
Type MT 8.22 K
Drum drive power (kW) 1 x 37
Type (std.fuel oil) EVO JET 2 FU liquid fuel
Burner power (kW) 11.9
Fuels (optional) Natural gas, LPG, coal dust - combination versions possible
Dust extraction
Productivity (Nm³ / h) 42000

Hot mineral screen / hopper
Screening performance
(0-2 mm, t / h) 160
5-deck screening
Hot mineral bin 30 t / 5 chambers (including sand + bypass)

Mixing and weighing section
Mixer (kg) 2000
Scales for mineral rocks (capacity, kg) 2000
Scales for aggregates (capacity, kg) 200
Scales for bitumen (capacity, kg) 200
Mixture storage hopper / aggregate silos
Total capacity of the storage hopper for ready-mixed mixture MGVS Wheeled storage hopper for ready-mixed mixture 50 t (1-chamber)

Aggregate silos Silo on a 50 m³ chassis for own aggregate,
silo on a chassis of 50 m³ for imported filler

Bituminous system
Wheeled execution, with electric heating and insulation thickness. 150 mm

6 pcs. horizontal bitumen tanks - 45 m3

2 units horizontal bitumen tank - 50 m3

Benninghoven BLS 3000 computer control system: switching and power parts, air conditioner and main low-voltage switchboard

Benninghoven is the world's leading burner manufacturer and the only manufacturer of four-fuel burners. Thanks to its proprietary know-how, the company offers unique burners with excellent performance:
> Simple, modular design
> Compact design
> Inspection covers on both sides
> Internal fan

Dryer drum
According to the concept of the technological process, the drying drum is an indispensable component for the production of asphalt concrete mixture, which must ensure the removal of moisture from the raw material and thereby ensure its effective binding with bitumen.

The mixer is the main component of the asphalt concrete batching plant. It is in it
intensive mixing of minerals with a binder and aggregates takes place to obtain a homogeneous ready-made mixture. The mixing cycle - including loading and emptying - lasts 45 seconds.
Only high quality materials are used in the construction of the mixer. All of this is offered along with optimum wear protection. In this way, a long plant life and a trouble-free production process are guaranteed.

All mobile asphalt mixing plants are equipped with a five-layer screen as standard.
This makes it easy to meet the requirements of standards and recipes in various countries around the world.

Dust collection system
Dust collection systems / Benninghoven filters stand out for their very
compact and modular design. Thanks to the few simple connections, the system can be installed quickly. In addition, the dust collection system is optimally accessible for inspection and maintenance. Thanks to their high-quality processing and thermal stability, the filter bags are designed for a long service life.

Where item located Москва
Production year 2008
Condition used