Mobile concrete batching plant,Mixing Plants Benninghoven ECO 3000

Concrete batching plants Benninghoven
1 000,00 $

Used Rapidly erected plant Benninghoven ECO 3000 - 240 t / h, 2015

Production of 258 thousand tons.

The main difference between ECO asphalt batching plants is the design of their main components, which corresponds to the dimensions of a standard (20- or 40-foot) shipping container, which makes them easy to transport by truck, sea or rail.

Manufacturing parameters:

АБЗ ECO 3000 model

Mixing capacity (t / h) 240

Installation methods Stationary = solid concrete foundation; movable - movable steel bases

Pre-dosing system

Number of dispensers 5-tier pre-dispensing module

Capacity (m3) 12

Loading ramp Provided by the operator

Loading width (mm) 3500

Dryer drum Type TT 11.26

Drum drive power (kW) 4 x 22

Burner Type EVO JET 4 FU liquid fuel

Burner power (MW) 24

Dust extraction system

Productivity (Nm3 / h) 78,000

Hot mineral screen / hopper

Screening capacity (0-2 mm, t / h) 270

5-deck screening

Hot mineral bunker 17 t / 5 chambers (including sand + bypass)

Mixing and weighing section

Mixer (kg) 3000

Scales for mineral rocks (capacity, kg) 3000

Scales for aggregates (capacity, kg) 400

Scales for bitumen (capacity, kg) 350

Mixture storage hopper / aggregate silos

The total capacity of the storage hopper for ready-mix MGVS 60 t

(2 cameras + direct download sector)

Aggregate silos 60 m³ silo for own aggregate, 60 m³ silo for imported aggregate.

Bituminous system Execution horizontal, electrically heated and insulated 200 mm

Capacity (m3) 3 x 60

Benninghoven BLS 4000 computer control system:

switching and power parts, air conditioner and main low-voltage switchboard

Asphalt Granulate Supply Systems

Through the middle ring of the dryer - Loading 25% RAP

1 unit cold asphalt recycling systems

1 unit bitumen modification plant - 12 t / h - Tecno Mill

The plant is in excellent working order.

Scandinavian & UK Machines
Where item located Москва
Production year 2015
Condition used